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“2007 Springtime National Conference on Country Work” was held in Hebi city, 80 sets Oriole fogging machine were applied for demonstration.
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  “2007 Springtime National Conference on Country Work” was held in Hebi city, Henan province in 22nd March. Hui Liangyu, the deputy premier of the People Republic of China and Fan Xiaojian, minister of Ministry of agriculture of the People Republic of China, together with nomarchs and heads of agricultural department from all other provinces visited the demo locale.
  For its high efficiency, low weight, easy operation, oriole fogging machine, researched and developed by ourselves, the first choice for pest control of wheat, is appointed as the main demo machine by the government. 80 sets fogging machine were used simultaneously to apply chemical in farmland that day, and the effect was commented very well by leaders and local people.











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